Bullet Resistance:

Imagine you own a retail store. Your phone rings after hours. It’s the police delivering heartbreaking news: Your property has been hit. The cost? Building damage, irreplaceable inventory, lost revenue, and insurance deductibles. Equally important is the emotional trauma inflicted on you, your employees, and customers. Now, imagine that same phone call, only this time the voice on the other end informs you that although your store was vandalized, the rioters or burglars were unable to gain entry. No merchandise was stolen. Your store interior is intact, and your property is safe. What makes the difference? Boss Security Glass Keep in mind this is no ordinary safety glass. Boss Security Glass is up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional inter layer safety glass. When our Boss Security Glass Series, (RG3, RG6, and RG9) is attacked, an advanced thermoplastic inter layer between the glass panels delays entry, holding the door or window solidly in place, and stopping bad guys cold. Extremely cost effective,Boss Security Glass allows retailers to maintain existing doors and windows while still protecting against multiple threats. No longer do you have to endure the cost of frame replacement, which often leads to stucco, wood, and painting repairs. Retrofitting with Boss Security Glass provides the same protection as a full window replacement, but at a much lower cost. Boss Security Glass is also effective in homes, particularly on patio doors. Available in single and dual pane options, Boss Security Glass is custom made to fit your window openings and ranges from 1/4″ thick to a 1″ insulated glass unit (IGU).Boss Security Glass is available in clear, tinted, and Low-E versions.