Ballistic Protection:

An otherwise peaceful downtown street can erupt into total mayhem during civil unrest or an organized attack on a targeted property. Boss Security Glass provides unmatched protection even under assault from multiple attackers, heavy tools, or rounds from a variety of firearms. Our polycarbonate and acrylic panels—available in thicknesses up to four ply—block an armed assailant’s preferred path of entry through vulnerable glass doors and windows. Ideal for schools, government facilities, banks, and high threat properties, our popular containment grade AP25 is virtually unbreakable. Additionally, while AP25 does allow bullets to pass, it stops bad guys, and their guns, from getting inside. AP25 is the ultimate smash and grab defense for retail stores. Need more protection? We also offer ballistic rated panels that are designed to stop bullets of varying caliber, grain (weight), and velocity. Not only are the bullets stopped, but the bad guys remain outside where the police can more safely deal with the threat. Together, our framing system and polycarbonate panels create a formidable barrier to entry with superior appearance and durability. For a finished look, all the tamper resistant hardware is hidden behind an attractive, low-profile, protective cover.